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Kushano-Sasanians, AE drachm, Shapur I or Ardashir

Kushano-Sasanian. Shapur I or Ardashir Merw-shah (240-260AD) Local issue of Marw/Merw AE drachm 2.6 g OBVERSE: King’s bust, derived from

Sasanians, AR drachm, Khusro II, ML, RY 2

SOLD Sasanians. Khusro II (590-628AD) AR drachm Regnal year 2 Mint ML (Merw) XF Reference: Z-204114 (this coin) ♦ Please, note that

Shaybanid, AR tanga, Muhammad Shaybani, Marw

Shaybanid. Abu’l-Fath Muhammad Shaybani (905-916AH) AR tanka / tanga 4.33 g, 23.5 – 25 mm Host coin – Timurid Husayn, Astarabad,

Hunnic Tribes, countermarked Arab-Sasanian AR drachm

Countermarked issue of ‘Abdallah ibn Khazim, Zubayrid, governor of Khorasan Anonymous Hunnic countermark (before 700AD) AR drachm 3.60 g Dated