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Western Turks, AE drachm, Tegin of Khorasan, Type 240

Turk Shahi Kings of Kabul and Gandhara. Tegin of Khorasan (after 680 – around 738 AD) AE drachm 2.31 g

Abbasid, AE fals, temp. Harun al-Rashid, Balkh, 170AH

Abbasid Caliphate. Caliph Harun al-Rashid (170-193 AH/ 786-809 AD) Citing ‘Isa AE fals 3.20 g, 21.15 – 22.11 mm Balkh

Timurid, AR tanga, Timur with Mahmud Khan

Timurid. Timur (Tamerlane) with Chagatayid Mahmud Khan (790-807 AH), citing Mahmud Khan during his lifetime AR tanga 5.66 g, 25.71

Hunnic Tribes, AR drachm, Tobazini / Goboziko

Hephthalites in Bactria. “Tobazini” / “Goboziko” (first half of V cent. AD)  AR drachm 3.67 g OBVERSE: Crowned bust after

Sasanians, AR drachm, Varhran (Bahram) IV

Sasanians. Varhran (Bahram) IV (388-399 AD) AR drachm 3.58 g,  22.33 – 23.14 mm VF Reference: Z-208348 (this coin) ♦Please, note

Sasanians, AR drachm, Khusru I, 533 AD

Sasanians. Khusru I (531-579 AD) AR drachm 3.61 g,  29 – 31.5 mm MA mint (May/Masabadan in Media) 3rd regnal

Sasanians, AR drachm, Peroz I, 2nd crown

Sasanians. Peroz I (457-484 AD), 2nd crown type (458-474 AD) AR drachm 4.18 g,  26 – 29.5 mm BBA (court)

Indo-Greek Kingdoms, AR fouree drachm, Hermaeus w. Calliope

Indo-Greek Kingdoms. Antimachos II (160 – 155 BC) AR fouree drachm 2.01 g OBVERSE:  BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ EPMAIOY KAI KAΛΛIOΠHΣ, jugate

Western Turks, AR ½ drachm, Later Nezak, Type 270

Western Turk Dynasties. Coin in the name of the Nezak, but struck during the time of the Western Turks (second

Bactrian Greeks / Seleucids, AR diobol, Sophytos

Macedonians / Seleucids in Bactria.  Sophytos (246/5-235 BC) AR diobol, local standard 1.06 g, 10 – 11 mm Uncertain mint

Hunnic Tribes, AE unit, principalities in Kashmir Smast

Hunnic principalities in Kashmir Smast. Unknown ruler. Between V and VIII c. AD AE unit 0.89 g, 10.5 – 11

Great Mongols, AE jital, temp. Chingiz Khan, Nimruz

Great Mongols. Temp. Chingiz Khan (603-624AH / 1206-1227AD) AE jital 1.87 g, 13 – 17.5 mm Chingiz Khan cited as

Alchon Huns, AE obol, Anonymous Alkhan Ruler

Alchon Huns. Anonymous Alkhan Ruler (end of 5 cent. AD) AE obol 0.38 g, 4.82 – 15.12 mm Unpublished type

Bactrian Greeks / Seleucids, AR diobol, local series

Macedonians / Seleucids in Bactria (330-140 BC) AR diobol, local standard 0.98 g, 10 mm Uncertain mint in the Oxus

Islamic AV bracteate. Temp. Mongol conquest of Central Asia

Unearthed in a small hoard of Great Mongol’s anonymous AV dinars of Bukhara mint. Produced during Great Mongol conquest of

Timurid, AR tanka, Zahir al-din Babur, Samarqand, countermarked

Timurid. Zahir al-din Babur (903, 905-906 AH) 2nd reign at Samarqand, (905-906 AH) AR tanka, Samarqand, 906AH Countermark of Badi’

Western Turks, AE drachm, Nezak Malka, Kabulistan

Western Turk Dynasties. “Nezak Malka” series (second half of VII c. AD) AE drachm OBVERSE: Bust with winged bull’s head crown

Western Turks, AE unit, Alkhan-Nezak crossover

Iranian Huns. Nezak and Western Turk Dynasties. Alkhan-Nezak crossover type (late 6th C. to ca 661 AD) AE unit 5.11

Western Turks, AE unit, Turk Shahi, Type 331B

Iranian Huns. Western Turk Dynasties. Turk Shahi Kings of Kabul and Gandhara (650 to early 9th c. CE) AE unit

YüehChi / Kushans, AR hemidrachm, local imitation

SOLD Early YüehChi/Kushans in Bactria (1st cent. BC) AE hemidrachm 0.94 g, 15.64 – 16.32 mm Local imitation of Sapalbizes

Alchon Huns, AE unit, Anonymous Clan Ruler, Type 37B

SOLD Alchon Huns. Anonymous Clan Ruler (4th/5th c. AD) AE unit 1.73 g, 13.38 – 14.73 mm Vondrovec Type 37B

Central Asia, Silk Road, AE bracteate of Hunnic style

SOLD Central Asia. Silk Road Cultures. Hunnic style AE bracteate 0.27 g, 17 mm Unique. Choice VF References: Z-327452 (this item)

Hunnic Tribes, AE unit, Alkhan Influence

SOLD Iranian Huns. Alkhan / Alchon Huns Gandharan series of Kashmir Smast  (4th/5th c. AD) AE unit 1.11 g, 12-13

Sasanians, AR drachm, Varhran / Bahram IV

SOLD Sasanian Kingdom. Varhran / Bahram IV (388-399AD) AR drachm 3.11 g Uncertain mint (probably HERAT in Western Afghanistan) OBVERSE: