BACTRIANUMIS - Ancient and Islamic Rare Coins & Antiques

Very warm welcome to BACTRIANUMIS – our online project providing a glimpse into fascinating world of Ancient and Islamic Rare Coins & Antiques!

We are a team of experts and connoisseurs of History and Archaeology of Central Asia, eager to share our passion for Oriental Numismatics and Antiquity.

Although our scope of interest and expertise is vast, this project is mainly focused on historical region of Bactria (also called Bactriana) – an ancient territory lying in the hart of Central Asia between the Mountains of the Hindu Kush and the Amu Darya (ancient Oxus River) in what is now part of present days Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Coins and antiques featured on our web-site are just a tiny bit of cultural and historical evidence of the region of Bactria, ranging from Achaemenian era, Alexander the Great conquest, Central Asian Hellenic kingdoms, Nomadic empires and confederations, up to Islamic period.

Among other historical regions covered by our project are ancient regions of Khorasan, Gandhara and Arachosia, bordering modern Pakistan and forming the entrance into India which has been used by Alexander the Great, the Great Mongols, the Mughals, and many other adventurers and explorers.

From commercial point of view we do believe that quality can be offered at a reasonable price and, hence, we do our outmost to bring satisfaction to the whole range of numismatists, beginners as well as the most sophisticated coin collectors.

We also view our project as a way to connect with like-minded personalities for whom Numismatics is not just a preferred “passe-temps”, but that uncontrollable urge to explore and learn History!

Yours sincerely, BACTRIANUMIS Team