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Western Turks, AE drachm, Tegin of Khorasan, Type 240

Turk Shahi Kings of Kabul and Gandhara. Tegin of Khorasan (after 680 – around 738 AD) AE drachm 2.31 g

Hunnic Tribes, AR drachm, Tobazini / Goboziko

Hephthalites in Bactria. “Tobazini” / “Goboziko” (first half of V cent. AD)  AR drachm 3.67 g OBVERSE: Crowned bust after

Sasanians, AR drachm, Varhran (Bahram) IV

Sasanians. Varhran (Bahram) IV (388-399 AD) AR drachm 3.58 g,  22.33 – 23.14 mm VF Reference: Z-208348 (this coin) ♦Please, note

Sasanians, AR drachm, Khusru I, 533 AD

Sasanians. Khusru I (531-579 AD) AR drachm 3.61 g,  29 – 31.5 mm MA mint (May/Masabadan in Media) 3rd regnal

Sasanians, AR drachm, Peroz I, 2nd crown

Sasanians. Peroz I (457-484 AD), 2nd crown type (458-474 AD) AR drachm 4.18 g,  26 – 29.5 mm BBA (court)

Western Turks, AR ½ drachm, Later Nezak, Type 270

Western Turk Dynasties. Coin in the name of the Nezak, but struck during the time of the Western Turks (second

Hunnic Tribes, AE unit, principalities in Kashmir Smast

Hunnic principalities in Kashmir Smast. Unknown ruler. Between V and VIII c. AD AE unit 0.89 g, 10.5 – 11

Alchon Huns, AE obol, Anonymous Alkhan Ruler

Alchon Huns. Anonymous Alkhan Ruler (end of 5 cent. AD) AE obol 0.38 g, 4.82 – 15.12 mm Unpublished type

Sasanians, AR drachm, Shapur II

Sasanians. Shapur II (309-379AD) AR drachm 3.83 g, 19 – 21 mm Mint V (Sakastan, modern Zaranj in South-Western Afghanistan) OBVERSE: Bust

Yabghu of Tokharestan, AR drachm, “Hormazd IV” imitation, countermarks

Western Turk Dynasties. Turk Yabghus in Tokharestan (600-680AD) AR drachm Minted in Balkh, Northern Afghanistan OBVERSE: Bust right, designed based on

Western Turks, AE drachm, Nezak Malka, Kabulistan

Western Turk Dynasties. “Nezak Malka” series (second half of VII c. AD) AE drachm OBVERSE: Bust with winged bull’s head crown

Western Turks, AE unit, Alkhan-Nezak crossover

Iranian Huns. Nezak and Western Turk Dynasties. Alkhan-Nezak crossover type (late 6th C. to ca 661 AD) AE unit 5.11

Western Turks, AE unit, Turk Shahi, Type 331B

Iranian Huns. Western Turk Dynasties. Turk Shahi Kings of Kabul and Gandhara (650 to early 9th c. CE) AE unit

Kushano-Sasanians, AE drachm, Shapur I or Ardashir

Kushano-Sasanian. Shapur I or Ardashir Merw-shah (240-260AD) Local issue of Marw/Merw AE drachm 2.6 g OBVERSE: King’s bust, derived from

Alchon Huns, AE unit, Ksatrapa Tarika, Type 25

Alchon Huns. Ksatrapa Tarika (4th/5th c. AD) AE unit 0.90 g, 13.00 – 13.88 mm OBVERSE: Crowned bust with crescent at the

Central Asia, Soghd, AE cash, Urk Wartramuka

Central Asia. Soghd. Ikhshids of Samarqand. Urk Wartramuka (~675-696 AD) Imitation of Chinese AE cash 4.75 g, 26.76 – 27.27 mm OBVERSE: Soghdian

Western Turk Dynasty, AR drachm, imitation of Kavadh I, Type 261A

Western Turk Dynasties. Imitation of Sasanian issue of Kavadh I, 1st reign (488-496AD) AR drachm 4.12 g, 25.5 – 26.0

Kushans, AR obol, Heraios / Kujula Kadphises

Kushans. Heraios / Kujala Kadphises (15-50 AD) AR obol 0.57 g OBVERSE: Bust right wearing diadem REVERSE: Soldier with spear.

Medieval Kashmir, AE stater, queen Didda Rani

Didda (924–1003AD), also known as The Catherine of Kashmir and The Witch Queen, was the ruler of Kashmir from 980 CE to 1003

YüehChi / Kushans, AE drachm, Heliokles’ imitation

YüehChi / Early Kushans. Posthumous issue of Heliokles I (145-130 BC) AE drachm 3.76 g, 20 – 21 mm OBVERSE:

Western Turks, BI drachm, Later Nezak, Type 200

Western Turk Dynasties. Coin in the name of the Nezaks, but struck during the time of the Western Turks (second half

Hunnic Tribes, AR drachm, Tobazini / Goboziko

Hephthalites in Bactria. “Tobazini” / “Goboziko” (first half of V c. AD)  AR drachm 3.26 g OBVERSE: Crowned bust after

Kushano-Sasanians, AE drachm, Peroz I Kushanshah

Kushano-Sasanian. Peroz I Kushanshah (250 – 265AD) AE drachm OBVERSE: King standing left wearing triangular headdress REVERSE: Shiva facing, holding

YüehChi/Kushans in Bactria, AR hemidrachm, Sapadbizes

Early YüehChi/Kushans in Bactria. Sapadbizes (late 1st cent. BC) AR hemidrachm OBVERSE: Helmeted bust right. Bactrian legend CAPADBIZHC REVERSE: Lion standing.