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Kushans, AR obol, Heraios / Kujula Kadphises

Kushans. Heraios / Kujala Kadphises (15-50 AD) AR obol 0.57 g OBVERSE: Bust right wearing diadem REVERSE: Soldier with spear.

YüehChi / Kushans, AE drachm, Heliokles’ imitation

YüehChi / Early Kushans. Posthumous issue of Heliokles I (145-130 BC) AE drachm 3.76 g, 20 – 21 mm OBVERSE:

YüehChi/Kushans in Bactria, AR hemidrachm, Sapadbizes

Early YüehChi/Kushans in Bactria. Sapadbizes (late 1st cent. BC) AR hemidrachm OBVERSE: Helmeted bust right. Bactrian legend CAPADBIZHC REVERSE: Lion standing.