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Great Mongols, AR dirham, temp. Ögedei Khan

Great Mongols. Temp. Ögedei Khan (624-639AH / 1227-1241AD) AR dirham ND, undetermined Eastern mint (probably Ghazna) OBVERSE: Persian “be-qovvat-e aferidegar-e ‘alam” (by

Great Mongols, AV dinar, temp. Chingiz Khan, 618AH

$1 699
Great Mongols. Temp. Chingiz Khan (603-624AH / 1206-1227AD) AV dinar 4.8 g Style of Badakhshan mint Clear date 618AH (in

Western Turk Dynasty, AR drachm, imitation of Kavadh I, Type 261A

Western Turk Dynasties. Imitation of Sasanian issue of Kavadh I, 1st reign (488-496AD) AR drachm 4.12 g, 25.5 – 26.0

Great Mongols, AR dirham, Möngke Khan

Great Mongols. Möngke Khan (649-657AH / 1251-1259AD) AR dirham 2.78 g, 23 mm Mint and date uncertain Near XF. Unpublished

Ilkhans, AR dirham, temp. Abaqa, Qa’an al-‘Adil

Ilkhans. Temp.  Abaqa Khan (665-680AH) AR dirham Possibly a contemporary imitation of one of Georgian mints Tentative date reading is

Central Asia, Silk Road, AE buckle/bracteate

Silk Road Cultures. Copper buckle/bracteate, with portrait in Central Asian style (5th-8th cent AD) 9.56 g, 33 – 34 mm

Hunnic Tribes, AE unit, North Tokharestan

Hunnic Tribes in North Tokharestan (mid 7th c. AD) AE unit 1.04 g VF. RARE References: Z-209760 (this coin) ♦Please, note

Great Mongols, AE fals, Mas`ud al-Khwarezmi, Kashghar

Great Mongols.  Mas’ud al-Khwarizmi (650-674AH) AE fals Mint Kashghar Date off flan VF. RARE Reference: Z-189162 (this coin) (similar coin sold)

Abbasid, AE fals, temp. al-Mahdi, Jabal al-Fidda, 155AH, RARE

Abbasid. Temp. Caliph al-Mahdi. Citing Ruh, subordinate of ‘Abbad, vassal of al-Mahdi AE fals Mint “Jabal al-Fidda” (“Silver Mountain”) Dated

Indo-Scythians, AR tetradrachm, Azes II

Indo-Scythian Kingdom. Azes II (35 – 12BC) AR tetradrachm OBVERSE: Azes seated right on horseback, holding wreath and whip. Greek legend

Khwarizmshah, AR medium dirham, `Ala al-Din Muhammad

Khwarizmshah. `Ala al-Din Muhammad (596 – 617AH) AR dirham 3.03 g, 17 mm Citing the ‘Abbasid caliph al-Nasir Unnamed (Ghazna) mint

Great Mongols, AE jital, temp. Güyük, AH645, Shafurghan

Great Mongols. Temp. Güyük Khan (649-657AH / 1251-1259AD) BI jital Shafurghan  mint (in OBVERSE center) Tentative date reading is 64(5)AH Near

Western Turks, AE 1/2 drachm, Bactrian Yabghus, Type 270B

Western Turk Dynasties. Bactrian Yabghus (end of VII / first half of VIII c. AD) AE ½ drachm 1.57 g,

Hunnic Clay Sealing with Brahmi Inscription

Hunnic Clay Sealing with Brahmi Inscription. 5th – 6th cent. AD ♦Please, note that our prices are ALL-INCLUSIVE. No additional

Afsharid, AR abbasi, Nadir Shah, Mashhad, 1150AH

Afsharid Dynasty. Nadir Shah (1148-1160AD) AR abbasi / 4 shahi 5.2 g Mashhad mint Dated 1150AH Type A, with tughra-shaped

Great Mongols, AR dirham, anonymous, Herat

Great Mongols. Temp. Chingiz Khan (603-624AH / 1206-1227AD) to Möngke Khan (649-657AH / 1251-1259AD) AR dirham 4.04 g Mint Herat (off flan