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Arab-Sasanian, AR 1/2 drachm, Sulayman b. Musa

Arab-Sasanian. Abbasid governors of Tabaristan. Sulayman b. Musa (171-173AH) AR 1/2 drachm Anonymous “Afzut” type Choice XF Reference: Z-98698 (similar coin) ♦Please,

Arab-Sasanian, AR 1/2 drachm, Abbasid governors of Tabaristan

Arab-Sasanian. Abbasid governors of Tabaristan, anonymous (780-793AD) AR 1/2 drachm Anonymous “Afzut” type Choice XF Reference: Z-171948 (similar coin) ♦Please, note that

Arab-Sasanian, AR drachm, ‘Abd al-Rahman b. Muhammad, SK, 84AH

Arab-Sasanian. ‘Abd al-Rahman b. Muhammad (700 – 703AD) AR drachm 1.99 g Mint SK (modern Zaranj in South-Western Afghanistan) Dated 84AH Clipped