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Persis, AR obol, First Unknown King, 125BC

SOLD Kings of Persis. First Unknown King (150BC) AR obol 0.67 g XF Reference: Z-148789 (this coin) ♦Please, note that our prices

Persis, AR drachm, Ardaxir / Artaxerxes II, 60BC

SOLD Kings of Persis. Ardaxir / Artaxerxes II (60BC) AR drachm 3.53 g OBVERSE: Diademed and draped large bust left,

Persis, AR obol, Vadfradad / Autophradates IV

Kings of Persis. Vadfradad / Autophradates IV (120AD) AR obol 0.54 g Choice VF Reference: Z-148810 (this coin) ♦Please, note that our

Persis, AR hemidrachm, Napad / Kapat, 60AD

Kings of Persis. Napad / Kapat (60AD) AR hemidrachm 1.38 g Choice VF Reference: Z-142162 (this coin) ♦ Please, note that our prices

Persis, AR drachm, Manchihr II, 150AD

Kings of Persis. Manuchtir / Manchihr II (150AD) AR drachm 2.47 g OBVERSE: Aramaic legend “mnctyw mlka”, bearded bust left,