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Janid, AR tanka, Nadr Muhammad Khan, 1053AH

SOLD Janids. Nadr Muhammad Khan (1054 – 1057AH) AR tanga 4.25 g Dated 1053AH XF Reference: Z-200383 (this coin) ♦Please, note that

Qarlughid, AR tanga, Sayf Al-Din Al-Hasan Qarlugh

SOLD Qarlughid. Sayf al-din al-Hasan Qarlugh (1224-1249AD) AR tanga / tanka 11.00 g, 25 – 26 mm Mint Ghazna Citing

Timurid, AR tanga, c/m Baysunghur

Timurid.  Baysunghur (900-903AH/1495-1498AD) AR tanka, countermarked issue 4.71 g 22.81 – 24.65 mm Host coin VF, c/m XF. Scares Reference:

Timurid, AR tanga, c/m Badi’ al-Zaman

Timurid. Badi’ al-Zaman (911-914AH) Countermarked on Muhammad b. Husayn issue, Astarabad, 904AH AR tanga 4.36 g XF. RARE Reference: Z-210587

Shaybanid, AR tanga, Muhammad Shaybani, Marw

Shaybanid. Abu’l-Fath Muhammad Shaybani (905-916AH) AR tanka / tanga 4.33 g, 23.5 – 25 mm Host coin – Timurid Husayn, Astarabad,

Shaybanid, AR tanga, Abu Sa`id, Samarqand

Shaybanid. Abu Sa`id (937-940AH) AR tanga Samarqand mint VF Reference: Z-139503 (this coin) ♦ Please, note that our prices are ALL-INCLUSIVE.

Shaybanid, AR tanga, Pir Muhammad I, Samarqand

Shaybanid. Pir Muhammad I (963-968AH) AR tanga Samarqand mint Undated VF Reference: Z-142716 (this coin) ♦Please, note that our prices are

Shaybanid, AR tanga,`Abd al-Latif, Balkh, 955AH

Shaybanid. `Abd al-Latif (947-959AH) AR tanga Balkh mint Dated 955AH Choice VF Reference: Z-119913 (similar coin) ♦Please, note that our

Mehrabanid, AR tanga, Qutb al-Din Muhammad ‘Ali, Nimruz, 812AH

Mehrabanid. Qutb al-Din Muhammad ‘Ali (806-822AH) AR tanga 5.33 g Mint Nimruz 812AH VF. Rare Reference: Z-159567 (this coin) ♦Please,

Timurid, AR tanka, Shah Mahmud, Astarabad, 862AH

Timurid. Shah Mahmud (861-863AH) AR tanka Mint Astarabad Date 862AH 4.81 g XF. RARE Reference: Z-157744 (this coin)

Qarlughid, AR tanga, Sayf Al-Din Al-Hasan Qarlugh, Ghazna

SOLD Qarlughid. Sayf al-din al-Hasan Qarlugh AR tanka 10.98 g Ghazna mint Citing the caliph al-Mustansir VF References: Z-161507 (this