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Bactrian Greeks / Seleucids, AR diobol, Sophytos

Macedonians / Seleucids in Bactria.  Sophytos (246/5-235 BC) AR diobol, local standard 1.06 g, 10 – 11 mm Uncertain mint

Bactrian Greeks, AR obol, Eukratides I Megas

Bactrian Greeks. Eukratides I Megas (175-145 BC) AR obol 0.43 g, 9 – 9.5 mm Minted at Baktra or an

Bactrian Greeks, AE dichalkon, Diodotos II Theos

Bactrian Greeks. Diodotos II Theos (246-235 BC) AE dichalkon 10.11 g, 21.14 – 22.87 mm Aï Khanoum mint OBVERSE:  Laureate

Bactrian Greeks / Seleucids, AR diobol, local series

Macedonians / Seleucids in Bactria (330-140 BC) AR diobol, local standard 0.98 g, 10 mm Uncertain mint in the Oxus

Bactrian Greeks, AE unit, Eukratides I

Bactrian Greeks. Eukratides I (175-145 BC) AE square unit. Indian standard 9.31 g, 22 x 24 mm OBVERSE: Diademed, draped,

Bactrian Greeks, AE dichalkon, Demetrios I

Kingdom of Bactria. Demetrios I (200-185BC) AE dichalkon 6.90 g OBVERSE: Draped bust of Herakles right, club behind REVERSE: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ

Bactrian Greeks, AR drachm, Sophytos, 246/5-235 BC

Macedonians / Seleucids in Bactria.  Sophytos (246/5-235 BC) AR drachm, local standard 3.16 g, 15 mm Uncertain mint in the

Bactrian Greeks, AE unit, Euthydemos I

Bactrian Greeks. Euthydemos I (230-200BC) AE unit 3.62 g, 14 – 15.5 mm Near VF Reference: Z-164160 (this coin) ♦Please, note that our prices