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Bactrian Greeks, AE dichalkon, Diodotos II Theos

Bactrian Greeks. Diodotos II Theos (246-235 BC) AE dichalkon 10.11 g, 21.14 – 22.87 mm Aรฏ Khanoum mint OBVERSE:ย  Laureate

Abbasid Revolution, AE fals, ‘Sulayman b. ‘Abd Allah, Sijistan

Abbasid Revolution. Sulayman b. ‘Abd Allah (755-757 AD) AE fals 2.61 g, 19 – 21.5 mm Struck in Sijistan, but

Sasanians, AR drachm, Shapur II

Sasanians. Shapur II (309-379AD) AR drachm 3.83 g, 19 – 21 mm Mint V (Sakastan, modernย Zaranjย in South-Western Afghanistan) OBVERSE: Bust

Bactrian Greeks / Seleucids, AR diobol, local series

Macedonians / Seleucids in Bactria (330-140 BC) AR diobol, local standard 0.98 g, 10 mm Uncertain mint in the Oxus

Islamic AV bracteate. Temp. Mongol conquest of Central Asia

Unearthed in a small hoard of Great Mongol’s anonymous AV dinars of Bukhara mint. Produced during Great Mongol conquest of

Yabghu of Tokharestan, AR drachm, “Hormazd IV” imitation, countermarks

Western Turk Dynasties. Turk Yabghus in Tokharestan (600-680AD) ARย drachm Minted in Balkh, Northern Afghanistan OBVERSE: Bust right, designed based on

Western Turks, AE drachm, Nezak Malka, Kabulistan

Western Turk Dynasties. โ€œNezak Malkaโ€ series (second half of VII c. AD) AE drachm OBVERSE:ย Bust with winged bull’s head crown

Western Turks, AE unit, Alkhan-Nezak crossover

Iranian Huns. Nezak and Western Turk Dynasties. Alkhan-Nezak crossover type (late 6th C. to ca 661 AD) AE unit 5.11

Bactrian Greeks, AE unit, Eukratides I

Bactrian Greeks. Eukratides I (175-145 BC) AE square unit. Indian standard 9.31 g, 22 x 24 mm OBVERSE: Diademed, draped,

Indo-Greek Kingdoms, AE tetradrachm, Hermaios Soter

BAKTRIA. Indo-Greek Kingdom. Hermaios Soter (105-90 BC) AE tetradrachm 23 mm, 8.87 g Posthumous issue struck by Indo-Skythians , circa

Great Mongols, BI jital, anonymous, Kurraman mint

Great Mongols. Great Khans. Anonymous. 1220s-1250s AD BI jital (3.05 g) Kurraman mint OBVERSE: Persian word “panji” which means “fifth”

Western Turks, AE unit, Turk Shahi, Type 331B

Iranian Huns. Western Turk Dynasties. Turk Shahi Kings of Kabul and Gandhara (650 to early 9th c. CE) AE unit