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Western Turks, AE drachm, Tegin of Khorasan, Type 240

Turk Shahi Kings of Kabul and Gandhara. Tegin of Khorasan (after 680 – around 738 AD) AE drachm 2.31 g

Abbasid, AE fals, temp. Harun al-Rashid, Balkh, 170AH

Abbasid Caliphate. Caliph Harun al-Rashid (170-193 AH/ 786-809 AD) Citing ‘Isa AE fals 3.20 g, 21.15 – 22.11 mm Balkh

Timurid, AR tanga, Timur with Mahmud Khan

Timurid. Timur (Tamerlane) with Chagatayid Mahmud Khan (790-807 AH), citing Mahmud Khan during his lifetime AR tanga 5.66 g, 25.71

Hunnic Tribes, AR drachm, Tobazini / Goboziko

Hephthalites in Bactria. “Tobazini” / “Goboziko” (first half of V cent. AD)  AR drachm 3.67 g OBVERSE: Crowned bust after

Sasanians, AR drachm, Varhran (Bahram) IV

Sasanians. Varhran (Bahram) IV (388-399 AD) AR drachm 3.58 g,  22.33 – 23.14 mm VF Reference: Z-208348 (this coin) ♦Please, note

Indo-Greek Kingdoms, AR drachm, Apollodotos I Soter

Indo-Greek Kingdoms. Apollodotos I Soter (175-165 BC) AR drachm 2.40 g Bilingual series OBVERSE: Bactrian legend “Basilews Apollodotou Swtrs /

Sasanians, AR drachm, Khusru I, 533 AD

Sasanians. Khusru I (531-579 AD) AR drachm 3.61 g,  29 – 31.5 mm MA mint (May/Masabadan in Media) 3rd regnal

Sasanians, AR drachm, Peroz I, 2nd crown

Sasanians. Peroz I (457-484 AD), 2nd crown type (458-474 AD) AR drachm 4.18 g,  26 – 29.5 mm BBA (court)

Timurid, AV 1/12 Indian mohur, Sulayman Mirza, Badakhshan

Timurid. Sulayman Mirza (936-992AH / 1529-1584AD) AV 1/12 Indian mohur 0.89 g, 12 mm Style of Badakhshan mint Kalima /

Ilkhans, AR dirham, Arghun Khan, Damghan

Ilkhans. Temp. Arghun Khan (1284-1291 AD) AR dirham 3.06 g Damghan mint Dated (6)8xAH VF Reference: Z-209206 (this coin) ♦Please, note that

Ilkhans, AR dirham, temp. Arghun Khan, Isferayn

Ilkhans. Temp. Arghun Khan (1284-1291 AD) Arghun Khan cited as “Qa’an al-adil” AR dirham 2.60 g Isferayn mint XF Reference: Z-232578 (this

Central Asia / Silk Road, AR bracteate/plaque in Hunnic style

Central Asia / Silk Road. AR bracteate/plaque in Hunnic style. 5th – 8th cent. AD 1.05 g, 22.42 – 23.32

Indo-Greek Kingdoms, AR fouree drachm, Hermaeus w. Calliope

Indo-Greek Kingdoms. Antimachos II (160 – 155 BC) AR fouree drachm 2.01 g OBVERSE:  BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΣΩTHPOΣ EPMAIOY KAI KAΛΛIOΠHΣ, jugate

Western Turks, AR ½ drachm, Later Nezak, Type 270

Western Turk Dynasties. Coin in the name of the Nezak, but struck during the time of the Western Turks (second

Bactrian Greeks / Seleucids, AR diobol, Sophytos

Macedonians / Seleucids in Bactria.  Sophytos (246/5-235 BC) AR diobol, local standard 1.06 g, 10 – 11 mm Uncertain mint

Central Asia / Silk Road, hunnic AE bractete of Byzantine style

Central Asia / Silk Road. Hunnic copper bracteate of Byzantine style Prototype – Byzantine AV solidus of emperor Heraclius, with

Khwarizmshah, AE jital, `Ala al-Din Muhammad

Khwarizmshah. `Ala al-Din Muhammad (596 – 617AH) AE jital 2.97 g, 16 – 16.5 mm VF, deep dark patina. RARE Reference: Z-273288 (this coin)

Barakzai, AR rupee, Dost Muhammad, Kabul, 1241AH

Barakzai Dynasty. Dost Muhammad, 1st reign at Kabul (1241-1255 AH) AR rupee 9.61 g,  22.5 – 26 mm Dated 1241AH

Mehrabanid, AE jital, anonymous, Nimruz

Mehrabanid. Anonymous. 13th cent. AD AE jital 2.09 g, 10 – 11 mm “Zarb nimruz” on OBVERSE / “‘Adl” (Justice)

Hunnic Tribes, AE unit, principalities in Kashmir Smast

Hunnic principalities in Kashmir Smast. Unknown ruler. Between V and VIII c. AD AE unit 0.89 g, 10.5 – 11

Bactrian Greeks, AR obol, Eukratides I Megas

Bactrian Greeks. Eukratides I Megas (175-145 BC) AR obol 0.43 g, 9 – 9.5 mm Minted at Baktra or an

Great Mongols, AE jital, temp. Chingiz Khan, Nimruz

Great Mongols. Temp. Chingiz Khan (603-624AH / 1206-1227AD) AE jital 1.87 g, 13 – 17.5 mm Chingiz Khan cited as

Alchon Huns, AE obol, Anonymous Alkhan Ruler

Alchon Huns. Anonymous Alkhan Ruler (end of 5 cent. AD) AE obol 0.38 g, 4.82 – 15.12 mm Unpublished type

Great Mongols, BI jital, Möngke Khan, Ghazna, 655AH

Great Mongols. Möngke Khan (649-657AH / 1251-1259AD) AE jital Ghaznah mint Choice XF. RARE References: Z-157668 (similar coin) ♦Please, note